Design and Simulation

Wind Tunnel
2D External Lifting/ non-lifting flow
  • Studied the symmetric (non-lifting) flow over ellipses (2D) with different thickness ratios

  • Compared velocity, wall stresses, pressure coefficients etc. with different inlet angles and inlet fluid velocities for laminar and turbulent flow

  • Used panel method and X-Foil to perform integral boundary layer calculations including Cl vs Cm graphs for NACA 2415 aerofoil and calculated stall angle

  • Ran CFD to analyze vorticity and velocities with varying factors inlet angles

Designed a wind tunnel and performed CFD analysis on Ansys CFX for various flow regimes including K-epsilon model to study the turbulent flow and calculated boundary layers

In this project, me and two classmates modeled and analysed a hydraulic fracturing well. we:

  • Studied the effects of variations in the fracking fluid viscosity and the rock permeability on the stress at the fracture

  • Using COMSOL, coupled 3 regimes – Navier Stokes for fluid flow in the wellbore and crack propagation side, Brinkman for fast flowing fluid within the porous media and Darcy for slow velocity fluid in porous media

Effects of Fracking Fluid Viscosity and Permeability on Stress in Hydraulic Fracturing
Skills: SolidWorks, Ansys, COMSOL, MATLAB, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics
  • Analysed a car model and compared velocity and vorticity contours for various up-sweep angles

  • Analysed variations in the lift and drag coefficients with the up-sweep angle with and without the floor height of the car

Fow over Cars

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Flow through Axial Fans
  • Transient flow, with the realizable k-e model with scalable wall function

  • Used sliding mesh method to represent fan rotation.

Images of a few more projects done using ANSYS FLUENT/ ANSYS CFX/ SolidWorks.

More projects:
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